Ticket To Eternity

by Princess O

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The fourth single and the seventh release from Princess O.


released July 8, 2015

Voice, back up vox, choir & harmonies: Octavia Trixibelle

Produced, arranged & performed by Peter H Mike Raw with the use of: UVI - Darklight IIx, Emulation II, Waldorf PPG Wave 3v, Linn 9000 & SP-12 Drum samples, Roland Juno-106, TAL Vocoder, Martin Lueders PG-8X, Arturia - Mini V, Jupiter 8V2, TAL-U-NO-LX-V2, Sample One and Roland D-50.

Track 1 & 3 re-mixed in May-June, & track 2 recorded and mixed in April-June 2015.

© 2015 Queer Tech (P H Mike Raw) All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Princess O Sweden

Princess O (Princess Octavia) is an electronic experimental studio project with the little female character Octavia Juna-Lee Trixibelle. The project is founded by the composer and producer Peter H Mike Raw.

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Track Name: Ticket To Eternity (Extended Single Mix)
Ticket To Eternity

Come with me, close your eyes
I know a place which is better
than streets of a paradise
Come and see, follow me
Come with me

Build a dream, in your mind
We both can touch it
And I promise you, it's not hard to find
Close your eyes, let yourself be
Follow me

Let me open doors to your innermost mind
with a melody
It's a room inside, and this place you can hide
Is called fantasy


With a light to guide, you don't need to be tied
To a rational life
A travel to the sun and all your dreams has begun
In your deepest mind

Search and find - In your mind

Follow me, to the light
Beyond the digital dimensions
Far away from all fright
Come and see, follow me
Come with me

In our space, you and me
We have a place in our corner of minds
Called eternity
Timeless sea, let us be
Just follow me

© 2014 P H Mike Raw
Track Name: When Our Eyes Are Closed
When Our Eyes Are Closed

We are not exposed, when our eyes are closed
Fools we cannot be, if we don't see the reality

We don't need our fear, if we don't want to hear
Just lay a hand on the ear
Then it's no sound, no talk, no danger
No threats, no need to wipe a tear

When our ears are closed

We don't fear the ghost, if our eyes are closed
It's no need to be afraid, if we are not exposed at all

We can hide our trash, under the carpet
A place were we can't see it
Then it doesn't exist, and we'll forget
If we had any trash at all

So let's close our eyes

Do we have anything to lose
If we choose, to don't know everything?
What if it's not even real
If we don't feel, what we can't see

When our eyes are closed

Should we open our eyes?

© 2015 P H Mike Raw
Track Name: Magic (Heavy Heavenly Mix)

Watch the space, so blue above your head
It's heaven

It's heaven

See a horizon in pink, orange, and red
It's sunset

It's sunset

See the shine from a dark sky at the night
It's starlight

It's starlight

Look at all those wonders in your life
It's magic

It's magic

Feel a life, so colourful and true
In your mind

In your mind

So beautiful

It's magic

© 2014 P H Mike Raw